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Hello and thank you for visiting AikiWeb, the world's most active online Aikido community! This site is home to over 22,000 aikido practitioners from around the world and covers a wide range of aikido topics including techniques, philosophy, history, humor, beginner issues, the marketplace, and more.

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Top Viewed
Title User Views
Onegai shimasu scarey 56675
Aikido Basics Erik Calderon 35941
Whips and Chains Erick Mead 33581
Muay Thai Combos Devon Natario 30152
suddenly senior Qatana 21943
Review of Mike Sigman Workshop at Itten dojo, Ron Tisdale 21368
Avoiding conflicts to the detrement of others. Kelly Allen 18375
Congratz to me :) Shany 16788
Updated Strength/Conditioning Program - B jducusin 14672
righty ho! UnholyFracas 13212
Rattling Bones Erick Mead 11250
My Inner earth-bender Diane Stevenson 11161
First lesson after knee surgery erikmenzel 10622
Shomenuchi iriminage Veers 10351
Panda Warrior Revenge Erik Calderon 9805
Masakatsu Agatsu, Katsuhayabi Ron Tisdale 9613
News of Dojo in Guangzhou Province, China CatSienna 8766
Scary scary weapons bag Ketsan 8550
Aikido Ohana Robert Rumpf 8206
Graduated to Gokyu Saturn 7941
Kotegeishi realization... John Boswell 7841
Sticky hand or elbow and other weirdness Ketsan 7824
Baseline Internal Strength parameters Mike Sigman 7696
Iwata niall 7480
Angry White Pyjamas batemanb 6677
No-touch aikido: defence niall 6572
Training with Newbies, a few thoughs. Angela Dunn 6479
"TRAINING ACROSS BORDERS" Seminar--Nicosia, Cyprus Neil Mick 6452
wind forest fire mountain niall 5690
An Oxymoron KaitlinCostello 5520
endless rain niall 5489
Sore Thumb Dallas Kline 5406
C/ENTER + SCISSORS niall 5303
Long journey begins with small steps R. Anggraeni 5101
Thoughts of training just that! Elijah211Barr 5019
Ikkyo, Nikkyo, and Kokkyo Diane Stevenson 5006
Doumo. Arigatou. Gozaimashita. niall 4924
Analogues for aiki principles in electromagnetic f Erick Mead 4806
koshinage koshi waza hip throw niall 4804
Aikido SUCKS! Erik Calderon 4771
mushinkan mayhem....... merlynn 4749
Ushiro waza John Boswell 4735
05/10/07 - On Raising the Bar jducusin 4542
Bloody Trains - delayed post batemanb 4399
The Need To Win; Chuang Tzu (~300 B.C.) MikeLogan 4387
W + aikibunnies niall 4356
Lazy leg syndrome Kelly Allen 4271
Aikido Course with Kobayashi Yasuo Shihan CitoMaramba 4259
Old Generation vs. New Generation keonimay 4253
Budo/DNA double helix niall 4250
Kokyu and yonkyo scarey 4174
The shiho nage paradox niall 4135
The first MMA niall 4129
Judo and Aikido niall 4025
Aiki Physical Model - Structure & Dynamic Erick Mead 4021
Good teachers. Great teachers. niall 3976
aikido at Mount Shasta, the magic mountain. holly_jean 3937
Nishio Sensei's Preface to his book CitoMaramba 3906
Real Life vs. Dojo Life keonimay 3904
Domenico Zucco Sensei's visit to Amsterdam chunie 3904
midsummer training niall 3811
First Steps towards the martial goddess... UnholyFracas 3739
MAD music/aikido/dance niall 3720
Aikido does *not* work (neither does kung fu) scarey 3647
Self-defence for kids! niall 3633
Those who train in Aikido only, can't fight? CitoMaramba 3622
A snail's pace Adman 3509
Aikido and Magic niall 3476
I am Christopher Columbus scarey 3471
Aikido in big island of Hawaii history jamie yugawa 3407
Big Day SRB 3383
go no sen butterfly niall 3359
Does your aikido reflect your heart? niall 3336
Testing rogueenergy 3304
Very 'eavy Very 'umble niall 3281
Physical Theory of KI? -- A Dialogue Erick Mead 3274
Aikizen graham christian 3261
Enter the Dragon Jonathan 3249
Common Misconceptions about FMA... CitoMaramba 3237
Fukakusa Shihan Visits CatSienna 3212
Techno-Toy Jeff Hepner 3183
Grappling/Ground Work In Aikido salim 3181
The blind swordsman niall 3159
green day/boy's day/golden daze niall 3149
AIKIDO is BORING Erik Calderon 3148
Wing Chun and Aikido - Continued... jducusin 3142
Answered my own question SRB 3119
Fun times with Angry Yoshinkan guy. tiyler_durden 3117
6th Kyu Exam Video Linda Eskin 3117
Big Balls O' Aiki Water & Fire Erick Mead 3117
Ghost and ki niall 3095
Differences between Aiki and Jiu. ChrisHein 3084
Kuzushi, Tsukuri and kake RoyK 3021
Behind the Glass niall 3021
Mexico Aikido - "Los Cabos" Erik Calderon 2970
He's Back,Big is back 6000SUX.... tiyler_durden 2957
tilt niall 2946
The way of the samurai is found in death niall 2945
outside the dojo? yep. spiritual? yep. niall 2942
Sokomen entry for shihonage and ikkajo Ron Tisdale 2927
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