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Janice Hemmings
12-29-2005, 04:45 AM
Paolo N. Corallini sensei and Ulf Evenas sensei Seminar
21-23 April 2006
London, UK

Ulf Evenas (7 dan Takemusu Aikido - 6 dan Aikikai) and Paolo N.Corallini (7 dan Takemusu Aikido - 6 dan Aikikai) will be holding their first joint seminar in the UK.

Seminar Venue: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London, UK

Seminar fee: 75

Accommodation for up to 135 people is available at the Crystal Palace Lodge, 28.10 a night B&B.

Full details are available at : http://www.londonaikidoclub.co.uk. Please email evelynefaury@hotmail.com for any clarification.