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06-13-2001, 12:55 AM
6/12/2001 11:55pm [from Jun Akiyama (akiy@aikiweb.com)]
Website: http://www.koryu.com/store/mugs.html

Koryu Books (http://www.koryu.com) just came out with a set of Kanji Mugs (http://www.koryu.com/store/mugs.html) with the Japanese characters for "bu" (as in "budo"), "ju" (as in "judo"), "ken" (as in "kendo"), and "jo" (as in "jodo"). I think these characters fit in very well in the aikido mindset. They look quite nice!

06-13-2001, 02:36 AM
If you don't want to pay so much money, you can make mugs like that by yourself if you have an inkjet printer. There is a special transfer film available that lets you put any design on china, glass or metal. It works the same as with the t-shirt transfer films. After you have placed your design on the mug it is fixed in the oven. This is the only step that might need a bit of practicing to get the time right but in the end - you have your own and personal set of aikido / kanji /... mugs.
Another way for writing kanji on mugs are special china pens.

Have fun,