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06-05-2001, 06:26 AM
Do you think Aikido should be profit making?

I think some of the problems with aikido is lack of money to (i) build dojo's (ii) rent dojo's (iii) advertise (iv) encourage senior instructors to travel and teach more.

Obviously some instructors teach aikido full time, but I'm not talking about that ('cos I assume their wages are very low). Rather, if we compare it to the set up in many karate clubs they tend to make large profits and therefore there is no shortage of clubs wishing to set up.

I belong to a non-profit affiliation and find that there is far more trust between instructors and students because you know that everyone is there for aikido, and not for money. This also means free grading and any money you pay for courses you know is just going towards the cost of bringing an instructor over, rather than 'wages'. Also, the club is affordable for almost anyone that wants to join.

What is the set up in your clubs and do you wish it was different or are there any changes you would make?


Greg Noble
06-05-2001, 06:42 AM
Originally posted by ian
Do you think Aikido should be profit making?

I teach at a local YMCA where they charge quite a bit for our aikido classes. I trying to get them to offer the classes free for Y members minus association dues & testing fees.

Now, on to the real question!:) The dojo/program should be able to support itself as well as covering the dojo cho time and expenses. If the dojo cho is a full time instructor then yes he should make a good living. And why not? If the instructor has 20 plus years studying aikido its fair to say that he's spent a lot of his own money in tuition, testing fees (4th dan & up..Wow!), seminars/camps, association dues, hosting other sensei, etc.

The question of making a profit from aikido is not a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when you compromise your integrity to make a buck!;)

Any full time dojo cho have any insight??