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Jeffrey Brown
11-07-2005, 11:16 AM
The Kentuckiana Aikikai will be hosting Yousuf Mehter Sensei, rokudan, of Aikido of Central New York.

December 10 - 11, 2005 at the University of Louisville's Humana Gymnasium
2301 Bradley Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky

Saturday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $25 per session or $60 for the entire weekend. We regret we are only able to accept cash or check.

For more information please check www.uoflaikido.com or call 502.583.3005 or 502.425.5062

11-18-2005, 09:15 AM
Will there be weapons work at this seminar? Thanks!

Oh yeah, I looked on your website, and aside from directions there isn't a whole lot more information like what will be covered, how to pay in advance, etc... is there a specific area of your site that covers this? Thanks!
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Jeffrey Brown
11-18-2005, 11:30 AM
You could either call one of the two numbers listed or just shoot me an email at jbrown@brooklawn.net.
As far as material covered, that will be up to Mehter sensei. Not really sure.
thanks for your interest

11-18-2005, 12:03 PM
Thanks for the quick response Jeff, I'll be in touch as soon as I know if I can make it! (The wife is from Louisville, so it shouldn't take a lot of convincing :) )


Jeffrey Brown
11-18-2005, 02:07 PM
We would love to have you down, good luck with the wife. If you call one of the numbers you will reach one of the club yudansha, if you email that will be to me.
Take care,