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05-30-2001, 05:35 AM
Many aikido books discuss lists of techniques or things like the Unified Power of Attack (dynamic sphere) etc. I feel in many ways I think these are aspects that are best learnt in the dojo, though these can be good reference books.

However, surely there must be a scientific/analytical approach to aikido discussed where aspects such as where to focus your vision during combat, the relationship between techniques (e.g. grouping techniques into elbow, wrist, lifting, corner throws etc and optimising the change from one to another; the benefits and weaknesses of certain techniques etc). I mean, there is plenty of this out there, but where is the real technical stuff? (I would like to exclude concepts of ki, visualisation and all this stuff - just the real body mechanics stuff).

I feel that this would be ideal stuff to put in a book, cos it is things that often take too long to discuss in a dojo and doesn't in itself relate to good technique but can help promote underlying understanding of technique.

Did Prof. Tomiki do this type of thing, and if so, where can I read about it?