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Kwan Lee
10-04-2005, 11:25 AM
November 5-6 (Sat&Sun), 2005 - Phoenix, AZ
Featuring VLADIMIR VASILIEV, Chief Instructor of Russian Martial Art in North America

Seminar Topics:
* Escaping From Impossible Holds and Locks
* Surviving Lethal Chokes and Takedowns
* Dealing with Panic and Breath Shortage
* Applying Effective Holds and Locks
* Defending Against All Types of Knife Attacks in Close-Quarters While Restricted or Injured
* Quickly Disarming a Knife-wielding Attacker
* Surviving Attacks from Multiple Opponents
* Developing Strength of Mind and Body through Never Before Seen Breathing Methods/Exercises

2-Day Seminar Fee: $200 ($250 if after 10/21)
1-Day Fee: $100 ($125 if after 10/21)

Saturday Evening Banquet: $20 (pre-paid)

2-Day Seminar Fee Includes:

* Premium Training Knife with Event Logo
* Lunch Provided Each Day
* Bonus Friday Night Training Session (11/4 @ 7PM in big tent by Pool)

There will be a 20% discount for all Police, Professional First Responders, and Military.
Please note this at the time of payment.

SEMINAR FLYER: HERE (http://www.russiancombat.com/VV_Seminar_Flyer_11-05.pdf)

For more information, please call 602-793-9399 or visit THIS LINK (http://www.russiancombat.com/seminars.html)

Anat Amitay
10-04-2005, 12:18 PM
Why not post this in "Seminars"?

10-04-2005, 12:26 PM
Hi Anat,

I have moved it away from the Seminars forum to the Open Discussions forum, as the seminar announced was not aikido specific.


-- Jun