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08-31-2005, 03:57 PM
After having searched long time in the web and in the different forums of aïkido, we created our own bokken for children to assist in teaching aikido to our young children, by using the beneficial advantages brought to them by the use of a bokken. So, as we used the idea of the kitesurf where an inflated tube is as solid as plastic or wood, as we used the pneumatic principle, we called it AIRKEN. It is then composed of a “blade” (inflated with air, called saya), a handle (tsuka) and a hilt (tsuba). The whole set is tubular, without any roughness. The blade part is composed of a canvas case inflated with air. The handle is covered with latex.
The AIRKEN can simulate attacks without any risk to be hurt. Tested during our children classes, it is resistant enough to support an intensive use by such a young public. Now, after a all year of use, I can say we reached our goal. If you feel interested or have comments about such a instrument to teach weapon to children, do not hesitate to send your comments. We create recently a website to diffuse the idea. If the Aïkiweb webmaster allows me to give my address, I'll be pleased to do so. Kind regards from Spain.
Dan :D