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Tajar Hoxha
08-30-2005, 06:22 AM
Hi to everybody who loves Aikido

I am from Kosovo if you heard where is this country.I was very lucky that I have a chance to work for one year for two hours every day but my sensei passed away and that was before my certificates for what he did not told me,because we were working hard with him everyday.I was shocked because he was the best man that I ever known.Now alone I do not have with whom to work and also we do not have a dojo here because Aikido is new martial art here we had chance to see only sensei Steven Seagal in the movies.
My Sense-is name was Leon Shoup and he was also a master for Vin Chan .He tried sometimes teaching me to mix this two martial arts like from punching in the one to one knocking how to go strait to kote gaeshi and other stilesin the Aikido.Now I am alone and without having from whom to learn or to train with I started to pass that to my kids because I am affraid that I will forget.
Please if you can help me and recomend me the best videos ,CD or books because I do not want to let go one year hard work and I love to much Aikido.
Thanks in advance Tajar(Tony)HOXHA

08-30-2005, 09:38 AM
Hi Tajar,

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to AikiWeb. I hope you'll be able to find another aikido instructor soon...

-- Jun

James Davis
08-30-2005, 12:30 PM

Try "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" by Adele Westbrook and Oscar Ratti. It's a good book on aikido. I hope you find a place to train soon. Maybe you could train in a different art for a while, to stay active. Many instructors of different arts know each other; you might get a referral to another aikido sensei.

Good luck! :)

Tajar Hoxha
09-19-2005, 08:17 AM
For James

Thanks for advice.I will look for the book that you mentioned.What will help me is also a good cd for dvd or something elsa because I will not forget if I see them again.
Mr.James I was working hard more than a year almost every day for two hours.He was a very best Sensei because he could explain to do technicues like old Aikidos but also Aikido for the street and every time you will see a difernce working with him in Dojo or outside.We also worked in the fresh air sometimes days sometimes during the night.He taught me to look in one point but see everybody like in the room or street or disco.
Yes because I work for US here I tried to do and working in Kung fu SHaolin but it is not same and the strees is sometimes to much but it is hard to see the results.
Thanks for advice Tony