View Full Version : chinese MA's (Wushu: worth looking into?

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08-06-2005, 08:26 PM
Hey, just curious if anyone here studied any forms of Wushu in addition to aikido, and if they could tell me about some of the differences/similarities, etc.
What are some advantages of chinese vs. japanese martial arts (well not "which one's better" or "what aspect is better", but more what specific stuff does it emphasise that's different?)
What are some stuff I'd want to look out for if I studied some at a local college Wushu club? (sport vs. martial art perhaps? too many wide showy movements?)
And also, how does the use of the dao (chinese sabre, also sometimes called a "broadsword" or a "kung fu sword") compare or contrast with that of the katana?
(kind of a dao vs. katana, though I'm really wanting to know factors of each, not which one would "win" cause there are way too many factors to consider to have an accurate guess, and then it usually boils down to the ability and knowledge of the fighter, not the actual weapons themselves)
(I have a wooden dao, and I LOVE it! I love the feel of it, and also that it's generally lighter than a katana (well one handed slasher); even though I don't know much about the actual practical or historical use of it, I'm still interested)

08-06-2005, 10:58 PM
I take a chinese MA , shaolin kung fu. Its pretty awesome. In shaolin you take on all different animal forms, ( tiger, mantis, bird, dragon, etc) Shaolin is also alot more offensive where as aikido is more of a defensive martial art. The overall content required for shaolin is enormous. Alot of stuff to learn. Its also a pretty competetive art , there are tournaments every year . i'll be fighting in my first one this year.

Aside from all that there are about a million weapons styles , about any weapon you can think up we train with it at some point. Some of the more advanced are even as extreme as a fire whip or a fire bow.

We also do board breaking , joint locks, self defense techniques , alot of katas, groundfighting. Like i said the content is never ending but its a great art and its alot of fun. I think there is something in this art for everyone no matter what your into. Definately one to check out.

Here is a website www.centralshaolin.com
its pretty cool check it out

08-06-2005, 11:52 PM
ooo cools!
do they have a group in Florida?
If not, I guess the best start for looking into chinese MA's would be to check out my college's Wushu club.
I'll check that site out when I can though! thanks!