View Full Version : Hal Lehrman, 6th Dan, in Bay Area!

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Janet Rosen
08-05-2005, 04:59 PM
Check out the aikiweb seminars/California: Sept 16 througnh 18, at Aikido of Berkeley.
As a Bay Area aikidoka who visits Brooklyn ("the old country" as we call it here on the west coast) and considers Aikido of Park Slope her second home, I'm thrilled.
Hal Lehrman rarely travels. He is a longtime student of Yamada Sensei, has been the chief instructor at Aikido of Park Slope since 1981 and with a background in ballet and Zen is a truly wonderful and gifted teacher.
My own scheduling issues align such that I'll be attending only the Friday night session...hope to meet some other locals there. Oh and the flier is at