View Full Version : Types of Ukemi (roll)

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05-02-2001, 10:33 AM
This idea obviously came from a previous thread. But I would be interested in hearing what you think the benefits of different types of ukemi are. As far as I'm aware I drawn these distinctions:

1. rolling with extended arm pushing against the mat/ rolling with little arm contact. I prefer the first as you can spread the weight better and also control the direction of your ukemi better.

2. rolling down a different arm to the knee which is touching the ground when you rise/the left arm leads the roll and the left knee is touching the ground when you rise. I prefer the fisrt - cos I'm used to it!

3. When you have ukemied you curl your toes up on the leg with the knee touching the ground/rising on a flat foot.

I'm undecided about this. The second one puts more impact on your knee, the first one stops damage occuring to the top of your foot.


P.S. is there any easier method of describing bod movements acurately - it would be ideal for aikido!

05-02-2001, 12:41 PM

WOW! I've never given that much thought to how I perform ukemi. In fact after reading this, I'm confused a bit and may never roll properly again.

Ok, seriously. I prefer to use some degree of arm contact when rolling forwards for basically the same reasons as Ian. I feel more comfortable and in control by rolling in that fashion. Although, rolling forward without using your arms does look pretty neat. I've really got no clue as to whether or not my toes are curled or not, I've never even thought about it before. Taking a guess here, I'm going to say that I keep my feet flat. I'll have my wife watch me roll to find out for sure. Have a good day!