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06-09-2005, 09:46 AM
The New York Aikido Alliance is pleased to offer our inaugural seminar with Andy Sato SenseióChief Instructor of the AWA, June 24th to June 26th in scenic Brooklyn, NYC.

The seminar will feature empty-handed technique (taijutsu), seated technique (suwariwaza), and weapon technique (bukiwaza).

Andrew M. Sato, Rokudan Aikikai, is a full time Aikido instructor and the former Chief Instructor for
the Aikido Association of America & Aikido Association International and Tenshinkan dojo,
headquarter dojo for the AAA.

Andrew Sato began his Aikido training in 1977 under Toyoda Shihan,
first as a member of the Ki Aikido Society, then as member of the AAA & AAI. During his tenure as
Chief Instructor for the AAA& AAI he traveled extensively throughout Europe and the USA passing on
the methodology teachings of Toyoda Shihan's Aikido.

In 2005, he parted ties with the AAA & AAI.

To further develop his own understanding Aikido and to support others who have asked him to continue
teaching, Sato Sensei & dedicated instructors, students and dojo from around the world have organized
to start the Aikido World Alliance.

For more information regarding Andy Sato or the AWA, please contact the AWA website at: http://www.aikidoworldalliance.com

A flier for this event is available at: http://www.aikidoworldalliance.com/Forms/NYAikidoAlliance.pdf

Please contact either Bill McDermott - billy@two1seven.com, or Gary Wagener at (646) 610-3934 for more information regarding the NY Aikido Alliance or the seminar.