View Full Version : Iaito 28" Black Tsuka, Cracked Saya

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05-09-2005, 05:09 PM
It's that time again. To empty out my sword collection so I can have money to buy a new one.

The iaito in question is a 28 inch nagasa wtih black cotton ito. Bo hi is deep and sings quite nicely when handled correctly. Tsuba is "sunburst" motif. I bought it for $400. The saya is cracked so it the asking price is significantly reduced. Repairs for the saya could probably be made for less than $100 but i will talk to my sensei to be sure. I've had this sword for 2 years and it was a great iaito for its time but I really need to move on so I'm selling all my swords to get a new katana.

Email or PM me with an offer or request for pictures.