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06-30-2000, 11:03 AM
hi I have a question regarding a throw called Yokko iri irrimi naga.

here is how i describe the throw.

1. the uke does a chest grab.
2. then tori steps in like a l. your foot is in front right then if you are using your right hand the step consist of turing your foot to the right and it left then left. and you bendyour legs.
3. as you step in you grab the had and twist ukes elbow into body.
4.then you use your free hand ( if you start with right then left is free and so on) and dig in the joint of the elbow.
5. after that use your free foot to go in bettween ukes leg making a "window".
6. after that you use your elbow with the hand that is at the ukes elbow and lift there chin while u bend ukes arm on you hip.
and you pivot and keep pusing chin til your elbow is al the way up and you make your arm pionting the havens.

the hard part is my balance i usually fall with the uke any commets on how to not fall. any ways to improve on balance. I take Aikido Sezenki

07-03-2000, 06:40 PM
OK, it's really hard top understand technical explanations in print, more so with an unfamiliar name. So I'm not exactly sure what technique you're talking about here. have you asked a senior at your dojo? Always my first question in this kind of situation. General advice for not falling over: make sure that the elbow that was used to lift his chin is over your knee at the end of the throw. If you're doing what I think you're doing, you're turning your hips too far so that your arm goes past your knee and you lose your balance. Again, this is just an idea based on what I think you meant, but I probably misunderstood you. Ask someone who can see what you're doing.


07-04-2000, 12:32 AM
I agree with Keith.
Also, try to remain aware just before the part where you fall. Is your body sort of trying to be somewhere it isn't? Try going to that place - sometimes the body teaches the mind. I see many new students especially really leaning far out of balance, when a step in the right direction would give them a really strong posture. Just a thought.