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03-06-2005, 04:41 AM
In 2003 Ong-Bak : The Tai Warrior was released to the Asian market. This film showcased the stunt and Thai kick boxing (Muay Thai) skills of Panom Yeerum a.k.a. Tony Jaa. Soon people were comparing him to Jet Li, Jackie Chan and even Bruce Lee. Because of it's reception on the Asian market, it was recently given national distribution in U.S. theaters.

The film starts with a game of capture the flag. However, the flag is on top of a huge tree. As the players climb up to get the flag, they're also kicking and punching their competitors off the tree. This film has no computer imaging, no wires and no trick special effects. The only thing you see are people falling forty feet and bouncing off branches before they hit the ground.

The person who wins the event is Ting, played by Tony Jaa. When the village loses the head of Ong-Bak, the local Buddha statute to some artifact smugglers, it is Ting who volunteers to retrieve it. This means he'll travel to Bangkok to locate the thieves. Before he leaves the village, he promises the local monk who taught him Muay Thai, that he won't use it. Fortunately for the viewer, he breaks this promise for the rest of the film.

Ting's only contact in Bangkok is an ex-villager turned gambler named George. Through George, Ting gets involved in a local fight club that is the front operation for the gang that stole Ong-Bak.

There are two chase sequences in this film. One on foot and one using vehicles. The foot chase is actually the better of the two, since it displays Tony Jaa's considerable skills. Prachya Pinkaew - the director, uses instant replays on all the important stunts from different camera angles. This give the viewer a second chance to see the action and realize that this is all for real.

There is a sex/drug scene included, which probably is the reason for the "R" rating. However you may not want kids to see this film because the stunts are extremely dangerous. Any kid trying to recreate a stunt would probably end up in a hospital, if they're lucky.

Because it was released in 2003, this film is also on DVD. It's a must see for action fans.

david evans
03-10-2005, 07:36 AM

Joezer M.
03-22-2005, 01:43 AM
I've seen Ong Bak... Incredible stunts! :D :D
A must see for action/martial-art movie fans!
THe story, imo, is a bit lacking, but the action scenes are incredible... The DVD should also contain extras like stunt demos (really cool!) and an alternate ending...