View Full Version : Attitudes towards aging/training

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Janet Rosen
01-23-2005, 01:48 AM
A couple of funny stories were related at my womens high tea today, celebrating my half century.
First, a somewhat older woman aikidoka told me that she went to the doctor recently for a checkup. She was told that at her age, the main thing she really needs to be careful about healthwise is....
After I stopped laughing, I asked her how many times an hour the doctor said would be ok.
Being more of a lady than I am, she said that actually, she had listened politely and said "thank you."
Another friend at the table related that she had called HER doctor to discuss her recent onset of back pain. She was asked how old she is. She replied "40." She was told, "oh, so you are overweight."
The person reporting this probably weighs under 100# and likely wears U.S. junior/misses size 5/6 on a BAD day!....
So, what other odd comments or questions have YOU gotten related to your age and training?

Kevin Kelly
01-23-2005, 12:58 PM
I'm only 39 and have a couple of joint problems related to practicing Aikido. One from my own ineptitude, the other from being more active I think. I was basically told "your not as young as you used to be, take it easy". Duh. I know how old I am.