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12-20-2004, 01:05 AM
Now days, regulations over the ownership of guns have been discussed by many of you in your posts, to me is silly because I have never seen an AK by itself robed, kill or maimed anybody, usually there is a sick :freaky: , unbalance :drool: , afraid :blush: and insecure :eek: about the size of his Johnson drug using ;) or mentally unstable :hypno: SOB behind them when that sort of thing happens :hypno: , but hey if dealing with the real issues is to hard (our children are not getting the right education on school and we can't teach them because of our 3 jobs, so we can pay for our brand new freaking hybrid car, we spend billions on weapons systems but only dimes in improving our mental heath facilities and programs, ext.) sooooooo I suggest instead of using guns ... lets go for the Jug baby ( jugular for those of you who rode the small bus to school) Knife training What an important implement of survival (ask a chef) and most don't take the time to find the true applicability af this weapon/tool. There are many methods. In my case I tend to go for the Filipino approach of defanging the jejejejeje SNAKE uufffff fffffff (ill have to see a doctor about that) receiving the motion (slash) with a cut for disarm, and fallow throw with stabbing motions wile using boxing type foot work for evasive and defensive techniques. I have found out that the TYPE of knife is as important as the training itself. A single bladed weapon requires the development of quick spin techniques wile double bladed ones require more control on the checking hand ( the one that is free of any weapon) because it is a too true risk that if you don't practice with speed drills for development of sensibility of cutting area (the area were your slash passes) in real situations, the accumulations of adrenaline, stress and other psychological factors can end up in you cutting yourself on your checking hand, thy ext. If you research by training with an aggressive Uke you'll see that it is not just about dealing with the ALWAYS COMMITTED STAB AT THE FREAKING BELLY but a combination of factors such as change of direction of cut wile in motion, the most dangerous factor of all SPEED; if the cut is really fast do I have the footwork to get away in time. Research of all these and many more variables should be contemplated for true effective knife training; Let me know of your favorite approach to knife techniques!!!! Remember weight, length, type are of utmost importance for anybody trying to learn or further develop their effectiveness with this Tool/Weapon, also a basic knowledge of human anatomy should be developed, for example why do you think doctors catheterizes heart patients using the arteries located on the legs (inner thy), location of mayor arteries and blood vessel groups should be researched also wile cutting drills should be performed ether on flesh like material (as simple as putting wet carton inside and stuffing an old shirt or covering an earth based 2X4 with leather, plastic or hanging a cut of beef or a leg of ham) will give you an idea of:
1. Your cutting motions
2. Deepness of the cut
3. Range ( from what distance can I cut and stab and stay in balance/not going to far exposing my arm to a cut, strike ext
4. Shows you on what movements you are dealing more damage so you can improve on them and work on the ones that you are having problems as far as ending off balance
5 these drills should include development of cutting techniques from transitional movement /Walking/Running/Front & Side Rolls ext.

Good info on these type of training can be search for under
names such as : Dan Inosanto & Paul Vunak among others

please share your training methods and Ideas on Knife fighting

This Have Been The Evil Ways Of Dave Tha Snake evileyes

PS if you are one of the ones who think that this sort of training is meaningless think if one just one of the people who were on the planes that crashed on the W.T.C have had these training against those scumbags with the cutters I know that most of you don't appreciate this sort of talk but think for a second specially those of you who teach M/A your close minds can hurt not only yourself

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