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12-08-2004, 12:06 PM
Posted 2004-12-08 12:05:10 by Jun Akiyama

We're happy to announce yet another addition to the AikiWeb merchandise section: the "Aikido" Oval Bumper Sticker (http://www.aikiweb.com/store/sticker.html). These stylish oval stickers featuring the Japanse kanji characters for "aikido" measure 4.5x3" (~11.4x7.6cm) in size. Printed on "outdoor grade" vinyl with ultaviolet light-cured ink, these stickers should not chip or fade for 3-5 years. Bulk discounts (with a free tattoos!) are available, too. Also, don't forget the brand new "Aikido" Key Chains and Lapel Pins (http://www.aikiweb.com/store/key_pin.html), the Aikido Temporary Tattoos (http://www.aikiweb.com/store/tattoo.html), and Aikido Calligraphy (http://www.aikiweb.com/store/calligraphy.html) -- all great gifts!