View Full Version : Tridaya inner power, any opinions?

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Wynand van Dyk
11-29-2004, 06:35 AM

This is the website of some indonesian instructor/guru who claims to be able to teach you to do "no touch" knockdowns and throws through a mail-order course that includes a super rare black pebble that contains the secrets of the universe :D

I personally dont believe in no-touch anything, except where it is a product of psychological manipulation (triggering a reflex or threatening your students into playing along for a demonstration) or alternatively shooting someone with a gun :)

Unless this guy hides a sawn-off shotgun in his gi / silat pants, I dont see how this is possible, anyone have any experience with this stuff?

Some people in my dojo are very interested and willing to spend the $250 on this course. I tried to tell them about newtonian physics and the laws of thermodynamics but apparently this "guru" has already cast his marketing spell on them.

11-29-2004, 06:44 AM
Believers always want to believe. It's a rarity that reason and logic can actually make an impression on folks who have decided that they are suddenly on a quest for the holy grail.

It's amazing to me how sadly gullible some folks are, folks who are otherwise relatively rational and reasonable!

Wave a magic rock, tell your marks that they're 'special' and are about to receive 'secret' knowledge, clothe the pitch in esoteric Eastern mumbo-jumbo and charge an exorbitant fee and apparently, they will come ...