View Full Version : Happy Holidays?

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11-20-2004, 10:28 AM
With Thanksgiving arriving shortly, we will all be facing that strressed out period known as "Da Holidaze" (the holidays). Family obligations pile up like newspapers during your vacation. Kids, shopping, meeting friends are all squeezed in your schedule of work/school/aikido. If you every make it to New Year's day, you'll be 10 pounds heavier, 25% more stressed and 50% more insane (not that you're doing so good now).
So take a moment...

Take two moments...

and just relax.

You might want to make special point to show up at the dojo, since exercise is a good outlet for stress.

When you're on a forum, instead of typing out a quick reply to some stupid idea, just sit. It doesn't have to be zen-like, you can grab a juice box from the fridge. Just take the time to think out your response, rather than reacting to a preceived insult.

You can even use the spell checker and read over your post before clicking on that submit button. (OK, maybe I'm getting ridiculous.)

Forums are a bad place for relieving stress. Instead, you just get flamed and called a troll or other internet names. So if you take your time during the holidays, you might end up on New Year's Day only 35% insane. Which is not bad, because you know you can't avoid gaining those 10 pounds.

11-20-2004, 03:24 PM
10 pounds? Feh. I'm starting to realize how foolish I was to schedule a checkup with the doctor in the middle of December. Do I forgo the treats at parties, keep my weight under control, and raise my blood pressure with frustration? Or do I tell my self to use moderation, and that a little more won't hurt, and gee, seconds would be nice... Ooops! I hope it's only an extra ten.... :eek: