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09-27-2004, 07:19 PM


I'm selling this Bokken (Brand NEW!), made of kamagong (ironwood), hand crafted by master Limpin (well known martial artist in South East Asia). Kamagong is sometimes referred as Massacar Ebony. Extremely rare wood, highly regarded for its beauty and durability. Stronger and denser than the japanese white oak (shiro kashi). This is the wood that we are using for our escrima sticks in the Philippines. AikidoOnline.com is selling a hand made massacar ebony bokken for $270.00.I'm selling this beautiful bokken for $65.00 + UPS Ground Shipping.

Approximately 41 inches in length (104 cm.), with an 11-inch handle (28 cm.)
It weighs almost close to iaito/katana, 700-750 gram

If you want to see reviews, go to http://www.sandatacrafts.com/reviews.php. If you are interested, email me at andreism@yahoo.com.

09-27-2004, 10:24 PM
just a note, i can vouch for the wood's toughness. I have a pair of escrima sticks that i've pounded as hard as possible against other ones. The wood has barely any blemishes or nicks from this.