View Full Version : Which ukemi "flavor"?

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Lan Powers
07-21-2004, 07:00 PM
Hi folks,
I was thinking earlier today about the differing style, or flavors of ukemi. Every dojo has a changing roster of ukes and each receives techniques a bit differantly than everyone else.
I wonder which style you practice most, ie: are you "easy"
do you give much resistance? Do you "help" the newbies to get it? do you change and modulate your responses to the individual? ( I am sure this is so, but .....)
I love to take the more energetis attacks, but couldn't do so untill recently.
One of our "benchmarks" has moved recently. (gumby jointed, physically big & strong) You know, "If you can pin Robert, you can count on it being a "real" pin"....etc.
You break Sensei Mike's balance, you've got good kuzushi.
Just food for discussion and thought. :p