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Clark Elliott
07-15-2004, 02:13 PM
I have been a spiritual seeker/finder for years. About ten years ago my Path led me to Zen because I kept hearing about the importance of meditation. I also practice Hatha Yoga and The Power of NOW (Eckhart Tolle). A few days ago I was reading "The Shambhula Guide to Aikido" (by John Stevens). When I read "Morihei's teachings focused on all the concerns of today's New Age: the necessity of unifying mind and body, conflict resolution instead of confrontation; everyday life as an act of worship, as a celebration; maintenance of a healthy lifestyle; the importance of regular meditation; and concern for and care of the environment", I thought, WOW... that sounds like ME! It seems I have been ready for a more pro-active and useful spiritual practice, and now I feel I have found it. I attend my first class next week and I am very excited about my new Path.

Thanks for Being!

Clark Elliott

07-15-2004, 03:30 PM
HI Clark :)

07-15-2004, 04:03 PM
Welcome from Midland TX.

07-15-2004, 04:06 PM
Hi Clark,

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the AikiWeb Forums! I hope you'll keep us apprised of your upcoming experiences in aikido.

-- Jun