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Peter Seth
07-12-2004, 07:04 AM
Hi everyone. My Name is Peter Seth
I would like to initiate some positive action, which we all could participate in to create a major impact against a terrible disease. Also to bring various martial arts/artists together, (Without any childish politics) to 'harmonise' as a martial arts 'family' for all the reasons I'm sure O'sensei would wish for.
What are your views? Would you like to organise similar events? etc. This could be an opportunity to become a worldwide force to help defeat CANCER and also promote Martial Arts in the light it deserves.
Anyone want any more info please contact me.
It does work! - I/we have had 4 very successful events which everyone has thoroughly enjoyed, made many friends across the arts and raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research.

Anyway, as advised I have copied this next bit from my introduction to this website.

Just to introduce myself. hope to have many interesting discussions, make new connections and friends in the Aiki world.
Background - Age: nearly too old!
Experience - Over 40 years various arts, last 25+aikido.
Club: Sunderland (North East England) University Aikido (Zanshin) Club. (Founder and Senior coach).
Grade: Aikido - Sandan.
Other arts - Various.
Organisations/affiliations. - Kobukan Aikido Association (Senior coach - British Aikido Board/Sports Council approved).
White Rose Aikido Association.

Interests - Many and varied. Written 2 books as yet unpublished (Can't afford it).
'The First Steps' (Illustrated/Photo's guide to Yellow Belt).
'The Far Between' (A book of questions? - about life, M Arts and any thoughts which popped into my head).
Started third - working title 'A bit of a whinge'.

Founder and organiser of The Sunderland International Festival of Martial Arts - An annual event primarily to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, (All proceeds to Cancer Research UK). but also to raise public awareness and interest in Martial Arts. Various Arts take part in a day long demonstration of their arts, has included world champions, masters, very senior exponents of the arts both national and international. Also members young and old of the clubs and organisations take part, this year ages ranged from 6 years to 84 years old. (All participants freely give their time and expertise to take part) reflecting the natural generosity of spirit which can be found in all true martial artists.

My aim/wish is to duplicate this type of event, initially nationally (UK) and eventually world wide to raise funds for Cancer Research and interest /awareness in the Martial Arts.

NB: One in three people in the UK have/will be affected in some way by cancer. It has overtaken heart attacks/strokes to become the biggest killer in the UK!!

Anyone interested please contact me and I can give you info on organising events, insurance etc.

Very interested in views on O'sensei's conception, interpretation and vision for Aikido?

Lyle Laizure
07-12-2004, 07:15 AM
I think this is an awesome idea!

Yann Golanski
07-12-2004, 07:29 AM
I am sure if you contacted Jon Cameron or Scott Albright or Jim Newcomb, at least one of them would come and do a semiar in Shodokan. Email me privatly if you wish and I will pass their emails with the understanding that they are not to be publised.

07-12-2004, 10:59 AM
Hi Peter,

Wow -- interestingly enough, this is pretty much along the very same lines of something I was thinking of organizing through AikiWeb! I just hadn't gotten around to presenting it yet.

I guess I'm getting older in my life that just in the span of about five years, I've lost two good friends in aikido to cancer and am also faced with another friend outside of aikido with the disease.

Things I was thinking of include:

* The nature of the event
* The group/center to which to donate
* How to collect and send in the donation amount

My basic thought was to have individual dojo set up their own event to raise funds for cancer research. This could be something like a one-day seminar with, say, a suggested donation of $20 per person (or whatever seems appropriate) or something like an "ukemi-thon" where a single individual or a group of individuals get sponsored for, say, a dime a roll or somesuch taken within a certain amount of time (eg fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour).

I'm not very cognizant of reputable cancer research groups that could benefit the most number of people out there. I know that some are more focused on prevention whereas others are focused on treatment. At this point, I do not have any preference on either, but if people out there have more knowledge on this subject, I'd appreciate it.

Anyone else have any more thoughts on this matter?


-- Jun

Peter Seth
07-13-2004, 02:07 PM
Hi Again.
Your ideas are great and you will find that everyone involved will thoroughly enjoy the experience.
Please find following general info (Ive also sent this to lyle)
Please pass the word on the more the merrier. :)

If you are interested in setting up an event I will try to go through
steps I had to take. (please forgive me if they appear a little
but it would obviously be much easier to describe the process face to
as it were).
I will try to put it in sort of order (it can be quite a juggling act).

1). Contact martial arts groups (I have about 12 seperate arts who take
- I'll try to send a sample of the programme I designed to give you
2). Set provisional date to suit everyone (make sure it does not clash
for example a major sporting event or anything which would keep the
3). Contact a suitable venue, (make sure it has all necessary
legal/insurance cover - also check on your and the other participating
insurance requirements. (Public liability insurance is necessary in the
it has cost me approx $600/day in the past for to insure myself in case
audience has an accident - but the venue may have that cover. This
year I managed to directly involve the charity (Cancer Research UK)
organised it under their insurance which saved this expense and all
minus the venue hire costs went to the charity).
4). Publicity. Very important to give at least 6 weeks advanced
and don't be shy, its taken me 4 years to be pushy and contact the
TV,radio,newspapers, magazines etc even try to enlist the help/name/
reputation etc of any celebrities you can think of (they will enjoy the
publicity also). You can even use me and my 'challenge' to the martial
world to publicise the 'link' between between the martial arts 'family'
initially in america and the uk (If you know any contacts anywhere else
please pass this idea on, if we can get events like this all over the
can you imagine the potential for good)!!! Would CNN or another major
broadcaster be interested? they could contact the BBC in this country?
you imagine the potential. A worldwide martial arts challenge to bring
world a little hope.
This may sound a little like 'pie in the sky' thinking but?
5). Involve all members of the participating arts/clubs/groups. the
youngsters really enjoy these events and it boosts their confidence,
in their art/group, teamwork, respect/self respect and awareness of
activities to help others they can become involved with.
6). Sponsors. approach everyone you can think of! They can use the
for publicity (you can even hire out advertising).
7). On a serious note, watch out for hijackers - some people may get
involved for their own ends either to promote their own ego's/style/art
(which is ok if it is done properly - but?) or try to make finacial
out of the event etc. you can usualy see them coming!

Hope this is some initial use -have to go now -lunch over.
Please email me and I can try to answer any questions and send you
of posters/programs etc when I can get them converted into a compatible
format for you.

07-13-2004, 03:00 PM
Being a cancer survivor myself. This sounds like a very good idea. I've seen a great deal of fundraising programs like this (not martial arts related though) that i've participated in. They've always been successful.

Peter Seth
07-14-2004, 06:46 AM
Hi nathan
Nice to hear from you, if you are interested in setting up an 'event' however small and require any info please contact me if I can help I will. Or even if you can pass the word round anyone you think may be interested please do (A free madia advert is good - generates wide interest). It would be a tremendous thing to maybe have an appointed day when martial artists take part in a 'World Martial Artsothon' raising funds for local and national Cancer charities around the world. Bit of a dream but with a little application and committment any dream is reachable.
PS: stay healthy.

07-14-2004, 06:59 AM

Lets try to do something nationwide. If we can help contact me

Philip Smith

Peter Seth
07-19-2004, 06:38 AM
Hi philip
Nice to hear from you. Which country are you from? I presume nathan is from West australia so you must be also?? No indication on profiles.
I have spoken to my local contact for Cancer Research UK (North East England) to see if there are any international links within the Cancer charities organisations (I presume there are). Waiting for more info , but it would be nice if they could link up to provide support for my 'challenge' and anyone who wants to set up a charity martial arts event.
If you need any info/chat/ etc please contact me.

07-19-2004, 06:55 AM

meant to put Peter not Nathan. I'm in the UK (www.renshinkan.co.uk) but we have branch dojos in Sydney (http://www.centralcoastaikido.com) and Adelaide (http://www.aikidoadelaide.net/ ) so perhaps a UK/Aus linkup might work.

Philip Smith

Peter Seth
07-20-2004, 06:19 AM
Hi Philip
if you tell me the area your organisation is in england I will try to put you in contact with your local cancer research uk office. They can then liaise with the Neast office to get info and provide some support. The trick is, if we can get Cancer Research UK interested nationwide, they have a very effective publicity machine which would highlight and publicise what I am trying to organise and hopefully set it on its way big time. The potential is tremendous.
My clubs wbsite is www.zanshinaikidouk.net
Keep in touch and if you can pass on the idea to other areas so that as many Cancer research branches are contacted as possible they may integrate the idea through their organisation.
My contact in Newcastle is Suzanne Mckenna, (area fundraising co-ordinator)? I'm sure she would not mind if her colleagues around the uk contacted her, she could then contact me and we would have a completed 'circle' within which we could organise and effectively publicise events, The higher the profile the more funds can be raised, sponsors reached etc.
(Notice how Aikido principle comes into all aspects of life - 'circle').
I'm starting to ramble now.
Keep in touch

07-20-2004, 08:35 AM
Peter we're in Birmingham (or rather just outside) website is: www.renshinkan.co.uk

Peter Seth
07-21-2004, 06:52 AM
Hi philip,
Ive just visited your site - V good.
I think iv'e trained with sensei Smith in the distant past?
Suzanne McKenna, my contact at Cancer Research UK (Newcastle) is out of the office at the moment but I am sure if you contact the Birmingham Office they could get in touch with her and we could maybe get some initial movement going. (Im going to email suzanne to warn her she may be getting calls from various people). If you could pass the 'challenge' around to any other MArts contacts you may have in the uk, and if they could contact their own local CRuk office and get them to contact either suzanne in Ncastle or even myself on psethp@yahoo.co.uk, I would be very grateful.
PS: I also sent an email to your affiliates in Australia, outlining my 'challenge' - awaiting reply.
Do you know a Linus and Phil - dont know their surnames but they are 5th dans Aikido from Bham. nice lads Ive trained with them a few times.
Also, friends of mine - Sensei Eric Lau and students from the Aston University Jujitsu club have taken part in the last 2 charity festival Ive organised in Sunderland. (raised 1500 this year)

Nick Simpson
08-01-2004, 09:16 AM
Sounds like you done this before Pete ;)

08-01-2004, 04:33 PM
What a wonderful idea. My only concern is where the money is directed. Some organizations use most of the monies collected in administration costs. I think the (THREE TENORS-organization founded by Luciano Pavarotti- gives 100% of monies collected to the end user.

Peter Seth
08-09-2004, 08:11 AM
Hi mark
I am sure there is a national Cancer charity as ive heard that at the moment representative of Cancer Research uk are in the USA to help co-ordinate fundraising ( it seems that there is an international effort in this area). I can give you an email address for Cancer Research uk in London, they may be able to give you some relevent info on where best to send donations in USA.

Email: Londonoffice@cancer.org.uk

Could you please explain my Idea (Challenge) to them and if they are interested, my CRuk contact in the North East of england is Susan Mckenna, Newcastle office.

Please also spread the word - the more people get involved the better.

PS: to someone out there? I inadvertently deleted an email from the aikiweb. Could anyone whose sent one in the past 2 weeks please resend. thanks