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06-16-2004, 11:32 PM

On Sunday July 11 at noon Tsubaki America Grand Shrine will hold the Nagoshi-no-O-Harahi-Taisai. This is one of the 2 most important days of Great Purification during the yearly cycle...during this ceremony the Oharahi-no-Kotoba (the most important words of Shinto) is read facing the sanpaisa instead of Shinzen and participants receive the Kirinusa Oharae (Oharahi Shinji)....this Taisai employs the sacred instruments of Katashiro (paper effigy/hitogata) and Chi-no-Wa (reed hoop) to purify any stagnant Ki from first 1/2 of the year and then to receive fresh Ki of Nature to successfully pass through the second 1/2 of the year...after the Chi-no-Wa Shinji participants can see the purified Katashiro go into the Mountain River (Katashiro Shinji)......there will be a potluck Naorai at Tsubaki House following the ceremony...we really hope everyone can attend this great event with family and friends...if you would like to participate and cannot attend, please contact the shrine to recieve Hitogata/Katashiro...then you can return them to the shrine to purified and pass through the Chi-no-Wa in your stead....

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,
K. Barrish
Tsubaki America Kannushi
(360) 691-6389
Take care,
John Hidalgo