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Kwan Lee
06-02-2004, 02:30 PM
Dear Friends,

Only 10 weeks left to register for the first ever International Summer Training Camp!

As you have seen, Systema (The Russian System), as featured in the past two Aiki Expos, is regarded to be a kindred Art to Aikido, endorsed by Stanley Pranin and many other high-level instructors/practitioners. This is your chance to learn and see this Art in action from two of the most regarded experts in personal protection: Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov.

To date, there are participants from 30 different states, and 10 different countries joining us for this most unique and effective training program!

There are only a few spaces left, and registration will spill over onto a waiting list when capacity and facility restrictions are met shortly. If you are "on the fence" about this event, please take the time to call now to reserve your spot before it is too late! Please visit RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART TORONTO (http://www.russianmartialart.com/main.php?page=summercamp) for registration information and application forms.

Vladimir has just returned from Russia and has confirmed all details of the upcoming Camp with Konstantin Komorov. Together they have constructed a very intense and enlightening curriculum with an emphasis on the absoption of the material in the quickest possible time frame. In addition, while in Moscow, Vladimir completed additional training with his legendary teacher Mikhail Ryabko and is eager to share this new information with all participants. This event is sure to become the most memorable of this year!

Instructor evaluation will be offered during the training camp.

Vladimir has just released a new video titled "Defense in Confined Space," which is sure to revolutionize your training!


This much anticipated and highly praised feature is now available on both DVD and VHS and is definitely the most needed film for today!

Ever wondered what you'll do if your office door opens suddenly and a vicious attacker leans right over your desk?.. There is no way to escape, get help or even move much. What if you are attacked in a hallway, in a doorway or in a corner? Imagine yourself in a cramped space at knifepoint or held and kicked by two assailants.

What are you going to do? ?

In a world of office violence, home invasions, hijackings and back-alley muggings, you must have the tools to survive. Vladimir Vasiliev, of Russia's Special Operations Unit, will amaze you with the real speed, smooth and precise ways to TOTALLY NEUTRALIZE THESE THREATS.

From the most disadvantageous positions and with true professional calmness, Vladimir has the aggressor instantly shoved under the desk, smashed against the wall, the attacker's hands caught in a drawer and his knife flying out of his hand. He has two muggers stuffed in a corner, tangled against each other and unable to move. It's as if you are at a big screen action movie? BUT THE ACTION IS REAL!

For the first time ever, Vladimir explains and demonstrates the lightning fast "short work" and then gives you practical drills to prepare your body and your mind for the moments when there is no room to move or time to waste.

Learn the methods employed by Russia's covert agents of the Special Operations Units and realize that YOUR SPACE MAY BE CONFINED, BUT NOT YOUR ACTIONS!

The film runs 1 Hour 25 minutes and will be yours for only $39.95.


FILM REVIEWS on Defense in Confined Space:

"Confined Spaces is the most realistic and practical self-defense video
on the market! The latest in Vladimir Vasiliev's extraordinary/revolutionary
series, Confined Spaces demonstrates once again that the Russian
System works in any environment. Utilizing what would normally be
considered obstacles (chairs, desks, drawers, walls . . .), Vladimir
reveals that these are merely self-imposed limitations. This video opens
our eyes to the possibilities, thereby freeing our minds and in turns our
bodies. Always exciting to watch, Vladimir's work is exceptionally
quick, smooth, devastating, . . . real."
Jacob Goldblatt
Los Angeles, California
Twenty years of Martial Art experience, 3rd Degree Black Belt in

"Absolutely incredible! Defense in Confined Spaces is THE film to own
this year!!! Without any debate, this is my favorite film from
Vladimir. His movement and explanation leave me speechless and inspired. I
am re-energized in my training and have since found myself using many of
the principles he demonstrates so easily in the film. My colleagues
have also seen the remarkable difference in my training and application
and have asked where did I get such motivation. I am honestly confident
Defense in Confined Spaces will revolutionize much of the training and
philosophy found in the Russian Martial Arts community that Vladimir
was so instrumental in establishing more than a decade ago."
Jim King
Clarksville, Tennessee
US Special Operations Veteran

"Best yet. Sound track is pro sounding. It is perfect for a wide range
of skill levels. Something for the beginner, the more advanced, even
instructors and those aspiring to instruct. There is some very advanced
work in there, so real top-level people will be enthusiastic as well.
Scenarios, drills, demos, all aspects of working with limited or no
space are covered providing a complete close-quarters package along with
the training materials to properly develop these skills. I really liked
how it begins with the door opening to see Vlad sitting reading a book
and then a moment later? Mild-mannered Mr. Vasiliev during a regular day
at the office, until an unwanted visitor shows up?"
Scott Connor
Toronto, Canada
Firefighting Unit Captain

" I watched Vladimir's new dvd "Defense in Confined Space." It was just
Brutal. The freedom of movement within the confined space was just
awesome. In the Video Vladimir turns any ordinary things into deadly
weapons, combination between feet and arms were continuous, never ending,
relaxed and so smooth. Defense was very professional, straight to the
point and it wasn't hard to see what happened thanks to the slow motion or
instant replay. Vladimir is so creative -- this video just shows a real
master in action!"
Venkat Al-Nambi
North York, Ontario
Russian Martial Art student

"Vladimir takes you through many common scenarios where you must work
quickly to save yourself from being harmed. You are given in-depth
instruction on how to work in all states of physical restriction against
kicks, grabs, chokes, all types of knife attacks, and multiple
assailants. You are even shown what to do while being pressed against the wall
while in various "impossible" holds under knifepoint! Filmed from
multiple angles, and demonstrated at both slow and regular speeds, the
format of this film ensures quick absorption of the material and concepts."
Kwan Lee
Phoenix, Arizona
Senior Engineer for Boeing