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Robert Cowham
06-02-2004, 06:19 AM
Dear All

Full details about this workshop on 10&11 July with Dr Glenn Morris:


Kundalini Awakening through Lightening Path Esoteric Yoga and Heaven's Way
Chi Kung

Level - 1 Beginner/Intermediate Level: A very successful Chi Kung program
designed specifically to awaken your Kundalini

Kundalini Awakening Process utilizes Chi Kung Breathing Mechanics, Zen
Meditation, Internal Energy Movement along meridians, Opening up the
Base/Root Chakra, and Specialized Movements for arousing the Kundalini from
its dormant position at the sacrum. When all of these techniques are
combined the success rate is very high and the practice becomes very safe.
That's how it works. So if you have ever wanted to Awaken your Kundalini, or
have practiced Yoga in the pursuit of the Kundalini - this is the ultimate
course. Learn from someone who knows how to communicate the skills clearly
and has a proven system.


Robert Cowham
06-02-2004, 08:41 AM
I should have pointed out relevance to aikido:

During my own aikido studies, I have been recommended by various teachers over the years to do qigong related practices - this is all about developing energy (qi = ki) which is very applicable to aikido.

The kundalini (also known as greater kan and li of nei shen gung fu) is related to this I believe.

This is all part of personal study - the reason I am organising the workshop is for the selfish reason that I can then go to it! (What is the Japanese for mountains and Mohammed?!)

I believe that there are quite a few aikidoka (and indeed other martial artists) who study taiji/qigong/yoga and who may find this interesting.