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05-05-2004, 09:40 AM
Apparantly ignorance about Iraq is far higher amonst Bush supporters than Democrats. According to the Indepenant newspaper quoting a recent University of maryland poll.

"The poll also showed a correlation between people's ignorance and their political affiliation. among those who believed WMD had been found (?) in Iraq, 72% said they would vote to 're-elect' Mr Bush in November and 23% said they supported the Democratic challenger, John Kerry. Among those who knew that no WMD had been found, 74% supported Mr Kerry and 23% backed the president".

Other interesting results were that

"A staggering 82% of respondents believed most experts supported the notion that Iraq was providing "substantial support" to Al-qa'ida - contention that President Bush has been forced to disavow. Almost 60% were unaware that world opinion was against war in Iraq, with 21% saying the world was behind the US-led invasion and 38% saying views were evenly divided".

Are these results an indictment of the American people or of tAmerica's so-called News Agencies

what do you think?