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04-08-2004, 10:52 AM
4/08/2004 10:47am [from Daniel Linden (sensei@shoshindojo.com)]
Website: http://onmasteringaikido.com

"On Mastering Aikido" by Daniel Linden (with a foreword by Mitsugi Saotome) is now available for purchase. The official release date is April 17, 2004 and will be available at Saotome Sensei's Orlando seminar. It can be preordered through OnMasteringAikido.com. Linden Sensei has examined the concept of 'Principles of Aikido' and through nine dialogues explores and defines each principle. On Mastering Aikido is enjoyable, comprehensive and does what has never before been done, but is not for everyone. It was written for the advanced student, shows no pictures of techniques, and is intended to help finish the education of advanced Aikidoka. In early distribution it has been well received by non-aikidoka who are practitioners of other endeavors. The focus in on mastering Aikido. This book reads like a novel, and carries the reader along nicely into the world created by Saotome Sensei and his senior students.

04-09-2004, 11:41 AM
I've had the opportunity to read both an advanced copy and the finished copy of Linden Sensei's life work. What makes this book different than most works that are martial arts related is the way it is written.

The reader finds himself immersed in the dialogs that Sensei composes. The conversations are entertaining and vivid. Unlike martial arts books I have read in the past that read like math books, this one captivates the reader in the ways a novel does.

I cannot recommend this book enough.

Best regards,


Richard Gibbons
04-28-2004, 04:17 AM
Amazed and deighted at the content of this book! Written in a unique and refreshing style of conversation it takes the reader through Linden's framework of 'Westernised' principles to understand the riai in Aikido and potentially master our art. At the same time we gain glimpses of the Sempai / Kohai relationship between Saotome Sensei and Daniel Linden and gain insight into one man's view of Aikido after a lifetime of ardent training.

A 'must read' for all aikidoka! Up there with the works by Sensei Saotome , Budo and Goza Shoida's Shugyo. Indeed, a useful book for any experienced Martial Artist. In a nut shell? It gives to the experienced student what the Dynamic Sphere gave to the beginner.

Enjoyable, easy to read and full of Westernised revelations. And like all any good revelation it shows and explains what a student might have glimpsed already but was unable to name and make tangible for further training. That said, realise it only gives a direction for the life-long aiki journey - still its great to have some sort of map and guide along the way that is more than just technique. Designed for the advanced student but could be read by any Aikidoka.