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04-07-2004, 10:56 AM
Question on Ki-ai and Ikkyo

hi folks, i was wondering if anyone knows the reasons behind these differences.

1/ Ikkyo, In Iwama O'sensei always taught omote as you enter in the same foot so the space between you and uke is for uke to fall into. In the Iwama dojo there is an original copy of Budo(not the modern one by stevens and doshu), There is a section on Ikkyo that O-sensei explains this in ikkyo that you enter in same foot and change direction to lead uke off balance.

But in say the all the different Hombu styles most ive seen enter with the back foot and go straight through, I fnd this very diifcult to undrerstand as i always feel im beig pushed away rather than my balance being broken(Im not saying its wrong just i dont understand)

2/ Why oh why does nobody in styles execpt Iwama yoshinkan ever Ki-ai?
When your in Iwama you get murdered if you dont use proper ki-ai with everything. I cant think of any other art that does not use some kind of KIai.(execpt taichi somtimes)

O-sensei is so famous for his ki-ai in the Iwama village. The storys are endless, there is writing by O-sensei were he says that martial art without Ki-ai is a dead art. Any ideas on this?

Now both these reasons have been explained to me by japanese people as being kisshumura and tohei's idea as part of the big change they introduced to the hombu. Any ideas please.

04-07-2004, 12:42 PM
Well, from what I've been told. In the style of Ki Aikido I do, we internalise the extra zap (best I can explain it) that Kiais' give.

Kiai is just a feeling, hence no physical transferance is necessary for its effect to be felt. Having experienced this myself, however as with all things in AIkido they are rarely easy to understand.

I'm sure this doesnt help.