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Chris Birke
04-04-2004, 02:43 PM
Are there good specific examples of physical Aikido used in very intense situations?

Video's of it are rare. A lot of what people claim to be real resisting opponents are fake.*

I want examples of technique done against skilled advisaries in situations with as few limits as possible.

*I don't think this is because such situations don't exist (no debating effectiveness; other threads for that), they are just not explicitly documented (unlike other arts). My theory is that good Aikidosts simply don't get into many fights and they certainly wouldn't feel compelled to have the situation on tape; it takes quite a few fights for a good one to end up on video, and then for that video to end up where I can download it... It's indeed very rare. But if it's out there, I want to see it. I think seeing things like this can be very practical.


I've also seen a lot of what could be called Aikido technique, but it was being employed as part of a more MMA style than Aikido specific. Curious if there are any examples of more purist Aikido.