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01-24-2001, 10:58 PM
Dear Aiki Population I just would like to inform You that I have completed the First Georgian(language)book on Aikido. Book contains materials on Aikido history, its roots,its philosophy and spiritual aspects, includes interviews with Aikido and Dayto Ryu Masters and is attached with Japanese-Georgian glossary of Aikido and Jiu Jutsu terms.
My concern is how to publish a book. I am not a wealthy person at all, my country does the same. As local publisher says some $450 will be needed to prepare and publish 500 copies. It is not affordable to me.
Could you recommend any fund or other institution, which could help me in publishing this book for my people and practitioners of Aikido in Georgia.
Why I did put this subject in AikiWeb?
I am from former Soviet Country - Georgia (Saqartvelo, we call it) and for me the way western institutions and charity systems are working is bit difficult to understand. That is why I am applying to you Forum members, I need your support to find a way to a proper sponsor who can play a big role in presentation of first Georgian book about Aikido.

Any suggestions will be appreciated,
Thank You All,

Levan Alpaidze
The Author of the book
Book title: "Aikido, The History of Martial Tradition", Tbilisi, 2000
contact e-mail:monumcor@caucasus.net