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03-01-2004, 11:27 AM
I would much prefer that a full review came from one of the AFOD members but I felt compelled to write just to say how much I really enjoyed Okimura Seminar and his students. This past week I have had the pleasure of training with Shaner Sensei (Ki Society), Imaizumi Sensei (Shin Budo Kai), and Okimura Sensei (Aikikai). They were all great. However I have to admit I have been "stalking" Okimura Sensei since I met him about over 6 years ago.
If you never met describing him won't do him justice. Let me just say he is the most down to earth priest I have every met and that to me is his gift. He can easiy blend aikido philosophy, technicality, and everyday living in one breath.
They say you judge a tree by the fruit it produces and Sensei's students are a reflection of his teachings. At every seminar there is an abundance of ego and it's easy to find. If there was at this seminar, I didn't see it. There were Daito ryu, Ki, and others styles and orgs present and we all worked well together. I believe that is because AFOD set the tone.
Hopefully someone else who attended will offer they're thoughts on this seminar because I am too much a fan of Sensei's to be unbiased!

03-01-2004, 11:28 AM
Please excuse my grammatical errors. I was rushing.