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Joezer M.
02-17-2004, 08:16 PM
Hi everyone,
my name is Joezer Mandagi, from Bandung, Indonesia. I've been practicing Aikido for almost 5 years.
Actually, I've been visiting this site since the first time I started Aikido. Better late than never I guess...


02-18-2004, 07:51 AM
Joezer! Whaddya doing online at this hour? Aren't you supposed to be working on your squat thrusts or something? ;)

02-18-2004, 10:50 AM
Hi Joezer,

Welcome to the AikiWeb Forums and thank you for your introduction. Sounds like you know (or are known by) some folks here already!

-- Jun

John Tjia
03-16-2004, 01:48 PM
Wonderful to know that aikido is practiced across the world. I know Bandung -- I have relatives there. I myself was born in Jakarta 50 years ago, but have been out of the country now for 40 years.

How do you say "breakfall" in Bahasa Indonesia?

03-16-2004, 02:33 PM
Hi Joeszer!

Welcome to the site. Feel free to share you views on the many interesting topics here. For the most part we are a kind bunch aikidoka just trying to seek the truth and help others in the process. You will find rich diversity here and adding you to the mix would be great. While some share strong opinions and others not, your insight is always welcomed!

Brad Medling

Joezer M.
03-16-2004, 09:06 PM
'Breakfall' in bahasa Indonesia... I have no idea.

We usually say 'ukemi' and tell new aikidokas that it's 'cara jatuh' (how to fall), quickly followed by 'without breaking your neck'.

Maybe we should start a thread about aikido terms in various languages..