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12-01-2003, 10:11 AM
Hi everyone,

With the holidays just around the corner and people in the market for aikido books and videos, I was hoping to ask the kind, intelligent, and prolific folks here on the AikiWeb Forums for help in gathering more reviews for the AikiWeb books and videos databases.

The reviews need not be long nor in-depth (although both would be appreciated!), but your honest opinions (un-biased, please!) on your favorite or not-so-favorite aikido books and videos would be most appreciated.

To write a review, simply click on the specific book or video in the databases below and click on "write a review."



Your help would be most appreciated! Even if each of you could write one or two reviews apiece, that would be an terrific help.

I hope everyone is having a good end of the year.


-- Jun

PS: As always, if you see an aikido book or aikido video not in the database, please use the "add a book" or "add a video" link at the above URLs and let me know. Thank you!