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11-26-2003, 10:59 PM
11/26/2003 10:59pm [from Joanna Hunter (info@shinjinkai.org)]
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The Japanese Martial Arts Society, in conjunction with Chozen-ji Illinois Betsuin (a Zen temple), announces our annual New Year's Eve Training, Etsunengeiko, in Chicago, IL. Beginning at 7pm on Dec. 31, participants will perform susuharai (dojo cleaning). Starting at 11pm, the temple bell will be rung 108 times, during which Aikido training will also be conducted. Just before midnight, all participants will join together for a brief ceremony conducted by Zen priests from the Betsuin. A party will follow, with traditional foods served. An additional ceremony and training will be conducted on the morning of January 1. All are welcome; there is no charge for this event. Please email for more information: info@shinjinkai.org.