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Ron Tisdale
09-15-2003, 10:08 AM
From Yukio Utada Sensei;

Friendship Seminar

Message from Utada Sensei
In 2002, I was selected as one of the instructors at the first Aiki Expo in Las Vegas. This experience allowed me to view and learn from the many different styles of Aikido. Prior to this event, I had believed that we could not study other styles of Aikido. Simply, the right conditions did not exist.

But Aikido all came from the one founder, Morihei Ueshiba, and the ultimate truth is that all Aiki spirit is one. Thus, our individual styles should be shared through cross training in the same strong Aiki spirit. I left Aiki Expo not only with this lesson, but another memorable experience. I had the pleasure and honor to meet Ikeda Sensei. I was very happy to learn that we shared similar ideas. Therefore, we decided to hold a series of friendship seminars from October 17th-19th, 2003.

These seminars will be an unprecedented event for the Aiki world. Two styles of Aikido sharing in one strong Aiki Spirit. In addition Stanley Pranin will present a lecture on the history of Aikido. From this event, I hope to see this spirit of sharing through cross training in the same Aiki spirit regardless of style develop and spread worldwide. Your participation in this event will insure that this will begin to happen and that we can have future events like this on the East Coast.

I look forward to training with you in October and your participation that will provide everyone with a great learning experience.

Doshinkan Aikido Dojocho
Yukio Utada

Please go to http://www.yoshinkai.org/doshinkan/friendshipseminar.php

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Ron Tisdale