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06-26-2013, 07:14 PM
* The Purpose of the Anonymous Forum

This forum was created to allow people who wish to remain anonymous to post here. I'm hoping this will allow people who have very sensitive issues about aikido to post here without feeling their identity compromised.

This Forum will allow non-registered people to post threads and reply to other people's threads. I suggest, however, that people use a consistent pseudonym should they wish to post anonymously here.

Users who are already registered may post in this Forum anonymously by first logging out (http://www.aikiweb.com/forum_2/member.php?action=logout). Otherwise if you do not log out first, please note that your identity will be attached to the post.

I would like to remind people that the Anonymous forum is not intended for people who don't want to register but want to post -- it is intended for "delicate" subject matters for which people want to keep their identities from being revealed. I encourage people to keep this in mind before posting on the Anonymous forum as that purpose is not what this forum was created for.

* Behavior

Please note that this Anonymous Forum is not meant to be a venue for anonymously attacking other people, whether they are present in these Forums or not.

If you feel the need to attack someone on a personal level anonymously, this is not the venue for such behavior. Prolonged activity of this kind may result in your IP address being banned from AikiWeb.

Please note that if there is any abuse to the freedom of posting that this forum provides that the Anonymous discussion section will be immediately shut down.

* IP Hash

In order to better "identify" Unregistered users who don't change their default "Unregisterd" monicker, I've changed the code to show a unique IP "hash" string (eg "4ea3c20f") based off of the user's IP address with each anonymous post. This should provide some indication of "who is who" through a thread.

This only applies to anonymous users in the Anonymous Forum.

* In Closing

My wish is to have a place where we can support people with sensitive issues -- not attack, deride, nor undermine from behind an anonymous facade. Let's all please subscribe to that wish and keep this a place of respect, sharing, and maturity.

Thank you.

-- Jun