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12-03-2000, 10:56 PM
This happened many years ago in our old dojo and it still bites back at me to this day.

It was a wet,cold night so not many people turned up to trainig (the roof was leaking) so my sensei decided to have some fun, he introduced us so sock fighting for those of you who dont know its were to people wrestle with each other on the mat atempting to pull the others persons sock off (they wear only one sock and you arent alound to stand up) well after a few successful bouts against other students my sensei decided to take me on. To make it more exciting we added in "win by submission" as well. I got my ass kicked the first two rounds (painfully) and then on the third his index finger happened to slip into view admist all the confusion and i simply bent it into its self squeezing the tip up towards his knuckle.

I was stoked. Sensei wasnt but he congratulated me on my abilitly to take any pathic opportunity and turn it to my advantage.


02-27-2001, 10:24 AM
I noticed that there wasn't much humour in the last 100 days and thought that it would be good to continue this thread on the theme of stories of 'how someone more senior (in aiki terms)looked stupid'.

I've already mentioned this in another thread but...

Recently I was instructing how to do proper sankyo to a young female who has been training for about 15 weeks. At the same time some-one chipped in - 'can you do a counter-technique against that'. "You can do a counter against any technique I replied", hoping to illustrate with the sankyo the first student had put me in.

Then I had to add, "you can do a counter to any poor technique", as I was brought to the floor.


02-27-2001, 02:42 PM
In our dojo, we have a yudansha (I'll call him Joe) that occasionally has a tendency to talk down to his kohai and lecture them while practicing during class. Well, I had the pleasure of working with him during the first half of a weapons class, and was getting lectured to and shut down and all that fun stuff. Well, right after telling us to switch partners, the instructor tells everyone to replace their jo in the weapons rack at the end of the mat. Joe decides to jump up and sprint to the weapons rack, and about halfway there after he's picked up some pretty good steam he catches his foot in his hakama and goes airborne, landing flat on his face in front of the rest of students, who are just standing up out seiza. I mean, Joe must have flown five or six feet through the air before that bellyflop, that he should have gotten some frequent flier mileage for that one! Even our Dojo Cho started to crack up and had to turn and walk to the other end of the mat.

03-09-2001, 08:56 AM
I have a Good story to add to this I was visiting a dojo in chicago for an evening while I was out there. Before class two of the senior students begain doing contact jo kata with each other as I watched they got faster and fast until the hit and the jo's snaped two pieces of wood about four inches long went flying in different directions and one hit the kamiza knocking of o'sensei's picture and the other one hit the weapons rack causing 3 bokens to fall.(wasent very funny but entertaining)