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08-04-2003, 09:06 AM
Hi. I thought I would add a bit of a twist to the new student introduction and introduce our new dojo. Aikido Suimei opened on June 7, 2003 view photos from the opening (http://aikidosuimei.com/id15.html)

I find our story to be out of the ordinary for a 'new' dojo. In only 2 months we have 6 active members, 7 including myself, and frequent visitors from neighboring dojos. I think part of the success we have seen in such little time can be attributed to an early web prescense ( the web site was up and circulated to search engines in March ) and the support of the sister ASU dojos in the area: Aikido West Reading(run by Eric Webber) and Aikido Seishinkan (run by David Goldberg Sensei)

It hasn't hurt either that Jimmy Sorrentino Sensei from Aikido Northern Va. and Dan Messisco Sensei have visited and taught classes.

If you find your self passing through the western suburbs of Philadelphia, please stop by for a visit.

Garrett Fuller