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06-09-2003, 11:44 AM
someone posted link to my videos that was posted a few weeks ago on another site I thought I would post the full links here I am looking for feedback as to what people think of the fights
Direct Links to 26 Hardcore Bare-Knuckle Fights

Several people E-mailed to tell me that it is much easier to view the Videos if I pop up the direct links.
The video 's are wmv. files so if you are having trouble viewing them just go to media viewer and download the latest viewer viewer (http://windowsmedia.com/download)

All the fights are : No Gloves / All strikes are legal including Head Butts and Eye Attacks / All Takedowns are Legal
There is no Ground-fighting these are Burmese Boxing Matches fight traditionally would continue untill 3 KNOCKOUTS or fighter gives up
Set # 1
These are Amatuer Fights from the eighties these Fights are pretty wild

1st vid--------highlights from a couple fights (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL1.wmv)

2nd vid------highlights from fight (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL2.wmv)

3rd vid---- highlights from fight (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL3.wmv)

4th vid------highlights from fight (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL4.wmv)

5th vid------highlights from fight (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL5.wmv)

Last fight of the night 3part----Part1 (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL6A.wmv)

Part 2***** (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL6B.wmv)

Part 3***** (http://www.afs.f2s.com/VILL6C.wmv)

Set # 2
Mid Level Event from the nineties

Match----- highlights (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LethMatch1.wmv)

Match----- highlights 2 parts--Part1 (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH2A.wmv)

PART 2 *********** (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH2B.wmv)

Match----- highlights (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH3.wmv)

Match----- highlights 4 parts--Part1 (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH4A.wmv)

PART 2********* (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH4B.wmv)

3******* (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH4C.wmv)

PART 4 ******* (http://www.afs.f2s.com/LETHMATCH4D.wmv)

Set 3 Higher Level Event from 2000

FIGHT 1A (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw1A.wmv)

FIGHT 1B (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw1B.wmv)

FIGHT 2A (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw2A.wmv)

FIGHT 2B (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw2B.wmv)

FIGHT 3A (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw3A.wmv)

FIGHT 3B (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw3B.wmv)

FIGHT 3C (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw3C.wmv)

FIGHT 3D (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw3D.wmv)

FIGHT 3E (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw3E.wmv)

FIGHT 3F (http://www.afs.f2s.com/Thuw3F.wmv)

For more Information on what you are watching go to the links below the Lethwei page has in depth info on the Fights

www.thaing.net (http://www.thaing.net)

Fights (http://www.thaing.net/lethwei.htm)

technique (http://www.thaing.net/technique.htm)

Forum (http://pub30.ezboard.com/badvancedfightingsystems)

I am looking for peoples feed back on the fight footage. I may be able to open up a channel helping a friend in Burma marketing tapes of the Golden Belt fights since 96 would there be much interest? The tapes would be good VHS Quality. He wants to know if they would have to have english play by play dubbed in as they were in Burmese of course. I will continue to put the stuff I have especially older stuff up as I can in the future. It will be a few months before I get more up as I have other things on the fire I need to work on

Phil Dunlap

Lan Powers
06-09-2003, 07:38 PM
Tough boys....


06-09-2003, 10:35 PM
Actually it is Lethwei / burmese boxing their form of kickboxing Thaing matches are similar to original rules ufc with no rounds.

Yes the school is in Mahwah If you ever want to stop by classes are informal loose structure and it's on me.

06-10-2003, 04:29 PM
Classes are

Tuesday 11:30 am thru 1:00 and
7:30pm tru 10
Thrur 7:30 pm thru 10
Sat 10 am thru 11:30

Classes tend to run a little on the long side if you need directions or infoyou can call me at 201 828 5860