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06-03-2003, 12:38 PM
6/03/2003 11:37am [from Eva Fenrich (eva@faveve.uni-stuttgart.de)]
Website: http://www.b13.co.uk/aikido/register.html

The 4th European Aikido-L Seminar will be held on the weekend of June 21/22 2003 at
<A HREF="http://www.templegatedojo.org.uk/">
Temple Gate Aikido Dojo </a> in Bristol, UK. This seminar is mainly a get together of members of the Aikido-L email list (http://www.aikido-l.org) to share aikido experience on and off the mat bridging the boundaries of styles and affiliations (it is also a great opportunity to meet people in RL). This year the seminar will also be open for members of the AikiWeb Forums.
You can register
here (http://www.b13.co.uk/aikido/register.html) for this event.
Please contact Eva (eva@faveve.uni-stuttgart.de) or Simon (swatkins@blueyonder.co.uk) for more information.