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Charles Hill
05-09-2003, 01:45 PM
I've viewed this site many times and finally realized that taking part in the forums was too good to miss.

My name is Charles Hill, and I began training in Aikido in 1990 at the Glen Ellyn Aikido Club, a part of the MAF/USAF. I moved to Japan just over ten years ago and recently moved back to the States to start Grad school. I will move back to Japan this winter.

I trained with John Stevens in northern Japan a little over a year, and have spent four and a half years at the Aikikai Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. I got married and moved to my wife's hometown, Mishima, in Shizuoka prefecture. There, I study with Katsuhiro Ishihara, seventh dan. In September 2002, I was awarded fourth dan.

I have travelled to most of the places related to the founder (next is Hokkaido and then I want to visit Mongolia.) I also study Shingon style Buddhism.

I have recently become interested in the neo-pagan movement in the U.S. which seems to have similarities to the Shinto oriented groups O'Sensei was involved with as well as Shingon.

05-09-2003, 02:52 PM
Hi Charles,

Welcome to the AikiWeb Forums and thanks for your introduction! I hope you'll feel welcome in jumping right into the discussions going on.

-- Jun