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Ta Kung
04-07-2003, 02:32 PM
Hi there!

At last, Rude Master 2 is online and ready to download! You can find it, along with the classic first Rude Master movie at this adress:

Rude Master Online (http://sail.to/rudemaster)

I devided the 2nd movie into 3 parts, in order for it to fit on my substandard isp server. :rolleyes: You'll need Media Player 8 or above to see it.

Hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,

PS. Rude Master 2 uses much nicer language then the first movie. And we used samples from the cantoneese version of Claws of Steel for our speech. :cool:

04-07-2003, 04:03 PM
Just watched it with my 13-year old son, he thought it was absolutely hysterical.


04-07-2003, 04:13 PM
I kind of missed the bad words :D :D :D

The rest I loved.

Great job and a big thumbs up

04-07-2003, 04:47 PM
The cinematography in fighting sequences is excellent.

However I don't get the plot; I think it is too deep for me.

Ta Kung
04-08-2003, 12:04 AM
Ah, the plot. At a first glance, it appears to be nonexisting. And after watching it a few more times, you realize that you're right. =)

Thanx for the good words people! We had lots of fun making it. The website will grow with new projects, and perhaps some other related stuff too. Stay tuned.


04-08-2003, 02:52 PM
I couldn't play them :(


Ta Kung
04-09-2003, 01:08 AM
Hi Bronson!

They are encoded in .wmv format, so you'll need Windows Media Player 8 or above in order to play them. You can download it free from

Windows Media (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp)

Give it a try!

Best wishes,


04-09-2003, 03:08 AM
sound effects are great. cant wait for rude master 3 :-)

04-09-2003, 08:36 AM
Excelent :D

Ta Kung
04-09-2003, 03:07 PM
Nice to hear that people enjoy it! We have plans for a Rude Master 3. It won't be as long as Rude Master 2, though. About 5 mins is enough.