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AikiWeb System
03-07-2003, 10:25 AM
3/07/2003 9:25am [from Sam Lussier (FitPro32@aol.com)]

On the weekend of February 21 through the 23rd a seminar was held in St. Louis Mo at Three Rivers Aikido one of Steven Seagal's affiliate dojos which is under the direction of Eliott Freeman 4th, a personal student of Seagal's. The guest instructor was also one of Seagal's personal students Jorge Angulo 4th Dan from Miami's Tenshin Dojo. The purpose of the seminar was to unite aikidoka regardless of affiliation or style under one roof and to give them the opportunity to experience Seagal's Tenshin Aikido. In the comming months Angulo Sensei as well as Freeman Sensei (St. Louis) and Santos Sensei (Orlando Fl) will be conducting Tenshin Aikido Seminars throughout the US as well as Europe. The seminar was well attended and represented by the major aikido affiliations USAF, ASU, and Ki Society. For more information on Tenshin Aikido contact: TenshinDojoFla@aol.com

Russ Qureshi
03-10-2003, 06:17 PM
Hey Sam,

Great to see different affiliations come together and train together. I am wondering if you noticed any profound differences in technique or training methods between Tenshin, ASU and USAF. Would you be so kind as to post some pics?