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06-15-2000, 10:56 AM
Any recommendations for a double-weave judogi uwagi? I like the one I got from Mugendo Budogu (http://www.budogu.com) (Meirin brand), but it was a wee bit expensive at around $100 including shipping from Japan.

Some day, I would love to be able to afford a Mizuno judogi uwagi...

-- Jun

Chuck Clark
06-15-2000, 11:47 AM
Hi Jun,

We get most of our keikogi from Mr. Hsu in San Jose, CA. I have found that the quality of his uwagi especially is very good.

He has told me that they are "seconds" from the Mizuno line. However, I've never seen a reason for them to be classified as "seconds." I think his double weave uwagi are as good (at around $40 per set) as some "setsugi" that others sell for way over $100+. The single weave keikogi are fine for aikido training, especially for beginners.

His phone number is:408/996-8989. If you call and tell him your size and shipping info, he sends the order with a bill for you to pay! Not many folks do business that way anymore.

BTW, I am not connected with Mr. Hsu in anyway other than I like to do business with him.

We also do business with: Kiyota Company, Bujin Design, Mugendo, and Sakuraya and Iwata Co. (both in Tokyo).

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06-16-2000, 11:53 AM
Thanks for the recommendation, Chuck! I think we actually stock some dogi from him in our dojo. I'll have to ask the guy who orders the dogi to see if I can stack on an order for a double-weave judogi uwagi.

Anyone else with recommendations?

-- Jun