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02-15-2003, 02:06 PM
Hi All,
Since I understand we do not all agree with the idea of explaining off the mat conflict situations in terms of centering and non-reactive techniques, I'd like to begin a forum thread dedicated to the idea of off the mat aikido that we have used during tense times. I don't believe someones own experience and feelings during these events can be argued against since- as we truly see on the mat- responses are all our own. It would be greatly helpful though to know more about the actions, ideas, and most of all the learning process that has taken place due to such trying situations. Perhaps it may be a time you used Aikido physically, perhaps not. Just give your relevations about a time which you saw yourself in an tough place, and took action.
So, in the spirit of sharing and connecting, I'd like to know- what's your story?

Dan Bruce
02-15-2003, 04:05 PM
Hi I once was working on a house with my Father, when a heavy steel beam fell towards my fathers head. I without thinking redirected its fall with my unbendable arm. My father could not believe it because it happened so quickly.

Kung Fu Liane
02-16-2003, 06:59 AM
this isn't my story, but one belonging to a good friend of mine. he was in the maths department, which has a set of big stairs that lead down into the atrium. he was about halfway down when he slipped (face forwards), he automatically did a forward ukemi, came to his feet and walked calmly away, to the applause of everyone who saw it. he reckons had he not been an aikidoka, he would have needed a trip to the hospital