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01-12-2003, 11:02 AM
I just sent a post to the "ANonymous" section (well, i'm new here & don't know how to direct my posts yet...) about Aikido & Tango, but figgered i ought to introduce myself formally...
I just began my training, with Bob Noha Sensei at Aikido of Petaluma, CA.Since one of my objectives in my training is to learn to be patient with myself and others, and i was SO looking forward to learn how to be a really good uke, of course one of the first things i managed to do was partially dislocate my shoulder doing a practice roll...so now i am limited to nage techniques and have no choice But Patience!My first Lesson...
I come from a Dance background, most recently having studied Argentine Tango, i am fascinated by the similarities- the lead & follow of partners, the blending of energies, the deep commuication.
Other physical/spiritual practices include Tai Chi, yoga, Vipassana meditation.Other recreational interests- performance art, Renaissance Faire, theater & art related stuff.I read Fantasy & Science fiction.
My name Qatana is pronounced as you think it is and in this spelling means "Precious Memory". In Klingon (no i don't speak it, i made it up out of the dictionary).I was given the name Katana by a blind Kendo student and people gave me a hard time about calling myself after a weapon so i Klingonised it.So here i am i Aikido and found my Real name, Jo- actually IS a weapon...Funny that!

Greg Jennings
01-12-2003, 11:17 AM
Hi Jo,

Welcome to AikiWeb.

Odd, with me being on the right-hand coast, but I knew exactly where Petaluma was. I spent a lot of time stuck in traffic there on the way back to SF from attending Saito Sensei's seminar in Rohnert Park.

If you find yourself in San Rafael, drop in on my distant-teacher Hans Goto Sensei. It's a nice place to train and there are lots of nice restaurants within a couple of blocks.

Best Regards,

01-12-2003, 03:52 PM
Hi Jo,

Welcome to the AikiWeb Forums. Thank you for your introduction.

-- Jun