View Full Version : Secret / Hidden techniques in Aikido?

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12-28-2002, 03:56 PM
Question 1: Are there any hidden or "secret" techniques in Aikido that are only taught to high ranking close students of top Aikido instructors?

Question 2: If there are such "secret" techniques are they classified as "totally kickass, instant kill death moves" or are they just used to illustrate an exceptional high mastery of Aikido principles?

Question 3: I have a copy of Shioda sensei's Total Aikido, in the back of the book there are photographs but not descriptions of these "hidden" techniques, are these eventually taught to high ranking students or were these merely physics / balance parlour tricks that Shioda used to demonstrate to his students what they could become through sustained practice?

12-28-2002, 04:17 PM
As is also mentioned in Total Aikido, *everything* comes from your understanding of the basic principles.

To the best of my knowledge there are no "secret" techniques (but then, otherwise they wouldn't be secret...), but as in all arts (and crafts, though the difference between those two is rather artificial IMO) there are feats you won't be able to pull off without thorough knowledge and lots of first-hand experience (=practice) under your belt.

12-28-2002, 05:04 PM
One thing about Aikido, that it is not koryu (traditional style - old school). It is not technical based teaching, it's principle based instead. Everything is taught to the students from day one. It is all in the aiki-taiso.

All the techniques practiced are used to give some examples of the application of Aiki. Technically, Aikido will develop differently with each practitioner. It depends on each body, mind, and spirit. That is why there are so many styles now in Aikido.

I smile everytime somebody say that they have created a new technique or a new system. Because, nothing is new, everything is already put into practice in the past. They are just re-discovering it.

In time, every aikidoka will develop their own Aikido. For example, take a close look at every shihan, there is actually no standard in Aikikai. My experience is, everytime a shihan visit us from Japan, one shihan is always different than the other. Each do the techniques slightly or even more so very differently. But, they are all based on the underlying principle of Aiki.

To me, wether it is Yoshinkan or Aikikai, Tomiki or Ki-no-Kenkyukai, the founders are all students of Osensei or the students of his students, and so on. They are all Aikido.

12-28-2002, 06:00 PM
There is one big secret in Aikido: There is no secret! Unfortunately for a lot of people this idea is so unbelievable that they cannot accept this an thus spent very long time searching.

12-28-2002, 10:42 PM
In ancient Japan, the principle of aiki was a secret by itself. Every koryu contained some aiki techniques reserved to the most advanced students.

Now we are very lucky to be able to study exclusively secret techniques, thanks to Osensei;) But it's no more a secret :(

Bruce Baker
12-29-2002, 12:06 PM
Everything in Aikido is hidden right out in the open. How much you can see is up to you.

You are talking about a number of years/ generations of practice being defined into the practice of Aikido.

Where do the movements come from?

How can they be used in other forms?

How do they relate to Pressure points?

What is the relation of movements to polarity of opponents?

What are the physical applications of movement?

What are the spiritual implications of clearing the mind of fear, darkness, turmoil to have clarity to act, or react?

Hidden movements?


Everything is right out in the open.

Aikido is just one piece of the martia arts puzzle.

Every martial art contains primary movements, and applications ... these are the secrets you seek.

Go get some pieces and find the answer to your puzzle.

I am still working on my puzzle, although these days it is looking pretty good to being more than half way done. I can see the picture in my mind, now if I can just get all the pieces to see if the puzzle is what I think it is ....